Meet Rocky – day 3.365

03 Jan

Day 3

Despite the fact that I have a pretty well injured knee, I decided to go out and do my day 3 shot. I was actually headed to do something downtown when the though occurred to me that the fair (my day 1 photo) was having it’s last night tonight. While we were walking around last time we chatted for a little while with a VERY interesting man at the gold fish game. He seemed like an interesting fellow… so I decided that tonight would be his night. =)

I drove back to Waterford, parked and walked in to the area where I remembered meeting this interesting fellow who had left an impression on me. I had to wait for about a half hour for him to return from dinner on a nearby bench. This gave me a chance to chat with a few of his coworkers and get a little more info on my new friend.

His name is Rocky. (I’m horrible with names so I didn’t remember this the first time).

Apparently, Rocky is famous to an extent. For what? Well… from what I could gather, he has really lived! He is a walker… he’s walked from south florida to central florida to meet up with this carnival on several occasions. He used to be an animator “back in the day”, but has worked on and off at this carnival since 1973. He married his wife on the bumper cars which were behind me on the bench I sat at while all his friends told me these interesting tid bits.

When Rocky came back from his break I asked him if he minded posing for a photo and he happily obliged. I set up at the booth I had originally seen him and had him lean towards me as if to entice me to play. After I clicked off a few shots, Rocky informed me that he really enjoyed this game called “beer blast,” so we headed over to that booth where I managed to snag another few shots. I thanked Rocky for his time and the friendly chat and I sincerely hope this is not the last I hear from him. I gave him my card and told him that if he emails me I will email him a digital copy of his photo. He said he would do that and then mentioned that it had been years since he’d had his photo taken and that he was looking forward to seeing what I got.


I’m glad I decided to ditch the downtown shot tonight. What a great night! =)

Strobist set up for this shot is HERE


PS~ Here’s an outtake from tonight too! =)
the heckle

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