Starting a new project (GOYA)

03 Jan

DAY 1:

For those of you who have seen or have even followed Dustin Diaz‘s 365 project, you may recognize what I’m doing here. I have been thinking lately that there are a few areas in my skillset that is a bit lacking.

Mostly, it’s in dealing with my SB800…. since I tend to use my alien bees and a vagabond. I have been very inspired by all the FANTASTIC 365 shots that Dustin Diaz was posting and decided to give it a try myself. His style is pretty identifiable… but it’s something I’ve never really shot before… so I thought I would try my hand at it.

So I’ve decided to try my hand at doing another 365 project. It’ll be good for me to take photos each day, which is something that I don’t do right now. I am setting up a few restrictions for myself with the project in an effort to grow my skills. Firstly, I will only use my hotshoe flashes (which at this exact moment equal a total of 1 flash). Second, I will be posting the how I did it photos – as a reference for myself and also so all of you can see exactly what I did to get the photo. And lastly, I will be forcing myself out of the studio for this project.

So, that’s the project. I hope that after a year of doing this I will have grown in skill level, especially where lighting with my little SB800 is concerned. Tonight I went out with my brother (he’s spending the new year with us) to our local shopping area, called Waterford Towncenter, where a little fair has been parked for over a month. I’d been wanting to go out there and take a few shots anyway before they packed up all their stuff and hit the road. I’m pretty pleased with the result… though I forgot nearly all my light modifiers. Oh, well. It’s part of that "learn to do what you want with the gear you have" thing. So it was good practice.

STROBIST: Set up for this shot is HERE

OH! And thanks Dustin Diaz for all the inspiring 365 shots! And congrats for completing it! =)

DAY 2:

Am I too old for jumping around on stage?

YES. Yes I am. I drove up to our community stage area this evening (after the girls went to bed) and saw that they still had their pretty Christmas lights up AND on! WOOt! I found a place to park and grabbed my gear and hiked across the large lawn to set up a shot. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do… but I wanted to do something on this stage. I quickly found out that jumping from the upper stage to the lower stage was something I am clearly not coordinated enough to do. After two jumps I fell.


I fell.

Honestly, I should have known better. I mean, how many times have I fallen just walking down our stairs in the house?! Three. So why on earth did I think I could possibly jump down these? I don’t know. So now I’m sitting on the couch with ice on my knee – which has a nice swollen and scuffed up area about the size of a quarter.

No. No photos of that. Maybe tomorrow. I’m sure that tomorrow I won’t be able to walk…. so I may have to compromise on the get-outside-and-shoot thing I wanted to do and take it easy.

Lesson learned. I am not a kid anymore. I don’t bounce. And all 200lbs of me falling on one knee is NO GOOD. =)

Send my knee some good/healing vibes, please!?! =)

Set up for this shot is HERE

Both of these stories and photos are also posted on Flickr. Enjoy!  =)


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