Baby, it’s COLD outside!!!

06 Jan

Squeek Photography – Orlando Photography


Day 5.365

Tonight I had to run our final rent check out to the other side of town, so I decided that I would do my 365 in downtown Orlando since I would be driving right by there on my way home. I parked under the I-4 overpass and walked a few blocks to the intersection of Church and Orange and started to set up my gear. I moved quickly as the temperature dropped and the wind blew some crazy cold weather down the streets of downtown.


I know that there are plenty of you out there enjoying the *much* colder weather…. but us Florida people are pretty well known for being cold weather wimps. It’s kinda funny though. We spend all year in the heat and humidity – wishing aloud for colder weather… and when it finally comes, we all groan that it’s too cold outside. I guess we can’t make up our minds.

I do enjoy the colder weather for the most part… it’s just the bite the wind has really is not my favorite.

Anywho… I spent maybe a half hour playing around with my gear and then I’d had enough, packed up and headed home.

Strobist info (no photo today – I know… I just forgot): Flash at camera right on manfroto nano stand about 3 feet high with shoot through umbrella (which was like a kite!). SB800 Flash had a 1/4 CTO gel (I lost my 1/2 the other day – and haven’t replaced it yet), and was shot at 24mm / 1/128 power and triggered with pocket wizards. I had to weigh down the stand with my gear bag due to the wind.

Camera Info: 50mm f/1.8, ISO= 500, shutter= 1/50 second On tripod and triggered with the remote you see in my hand.

And here’s an outtake – I was soooooo cold! My cheeks and nose were frozen! so I tried to warm them up a bit and accidently hit the button on the remote I had in my hand. =)

Same strobist info as the one above. No post on this except the crop/watermark/text and resize for the web. =)


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