Day 6.365 – Friends

07 Jan

day 6

So I went out tonight to meet up with Adrienne – a friend of mine who’s been living out of Florida for quite some time now. She was in town visiting and I was excited to go out and see her and a few other friends whom I used to work with. It was a good time! It’s late so I’m gonna make this a short post…. I have a few photos from tonight which I will post tomorrow… but I wanted to make sure I got my 365 up tonight before hitting the sack.

Meet Jenn:

Strobist info: (I really need to remember to back up and take a shot of the set up!!!) SB800 flash at camera left about 6 feet away from Jenn. Shot at 1/32 power with a 3/4 CTO gel @24mm shot through umbrella on Manfroto nano stand 6ft high pointed slightly down on Jenn.

Camera info: 1/100 sec. f/1.8, iso 500 – shot with 50mm 1/8 lens. hand held.

More tomorrow!!! G’night!!! =)


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Posted by on January 7, 2010 in Photography


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