Domo-hat!!! day 7.365

07 Jan

Day 7

Today’s photo is actually from last night too. I kinda thought that since I had a few willing models there I would take two shots with the intention of using one last night and one for today. If you head over to the blog I’m putting up a few extra shots from last night as well… though they are not part of the 365 project.

So this is Rippy. As many of you know, I used to work at Discovery Cove as an animal trainer/keeper. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of really great people over the years of working there. I’d heard of this guy “Rippy” many times… but I’d never actually met him. Well, last night I decided to go out and meet up with Adrienne (I mentioned this on yesterday’s 365), and this gave me the opportunity to meet up with a couple people I knew and hadn’t seen in a while… and also a chance to meet several others whom I’d heard about in stories or in passing, but never actually met.

Rippy is a pretty cool guy. He’s an animal trainer out at Sea World. He’s worked with all kinds of animals, including the Killer Whales! And from what I have gathered over the years… it’s a pretty cool job! But it’s a hard/physically taxing one! Anyway, I was trying my darndest to get Jenn to pose for me for my 365 project and managed to convince, quite easily, Rippy as well. I think he makes a good model! What do you think?!

Strobist info: SB800 flash on manfroto nano stand at camera left front shot through umbrella positioned 6ft high and about 2-3 feet away from subject. Flash at 24mm, 1/32 power, 3/4 CTO gel. Triggered with Pocket Wizard.

Camera info: 50mm f1.8 lens – 1/100 sec. @500 ISO – hand held.

This is Adrienne – I used to work with her in Aviculture until she moved on to greener pastures at Disney Animal Kingdom. She moved to Hawaii for a while and now is up north somewhere… I don’t remember now where she said she was. lol.

After I was done doing what I wanted – my 365 – Jenn and Rippy played around in front of the camera a bit. Fun. =)

Well… that’s it for now. Enjoy!!!



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