Day 8.365 – Annnnnddd…. WEEEEEE!!!!

08 Jan


Day 8.

Since we have a pretty early day tomorrow in our efforts to find a new home in Lakeland to move into, I decided that I would post a couple photos that I took the night I did my day 1 post at the carnival. Ever since I had seen the carnival take up residence at our local shopping area, I had been wanting to do some long exposures of the rides out there. The biggest hold up with doing that was that every time I was in the area and looked over at the carnival, there were barely any people there – so the rides weren’t running. That meant that the shots I was hoping to get were out until there were more people there to ride them. The last weekend of the carnival being there traffic picked up, and I knew I would be able to get the shots I wanted.

I don’t have any more backup images at this point… so I’ve gotta get out and shoot tomorrow. But I am looking forward to shooting somewhere in Lakeland while we’re there. Last time we were there driving around we passed by a few things that looked pretty interesting. So I’m hoping we secure some type of housing in good time tomorrow so that I can take my 365 shot out there – we have a curfew tomorrow to pick up our girls from Grandma’s tomorrow evening. Well, wish us luck!!! =)

Camera info on this – shutter: 10 seconds, aperture: f/22, iso: 100, @18mm (shot with my 18-70mm f/3.5 kit lens) – on tripod.

And for those of you unfamiliar with what I might have been referencing with the title and first line of this post, I would like to point you to the video below – and oldie but goodie!!! =)

Camera info on the above photo – shutter: 10 seconds, aperture: f/22, iso: 100, 18mm (same info as first photo) – on tripod.

Enjoy! And hope you enjoyed the video too!


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One response to “Day 8.365 – Annnnnddd…. WEEEEEE!!!!

  1. Tom Reading Sr

    January 12, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Hi Christin,
    Very good on all the pictures. You gave Doraine your card when we visited Thangsgiving Day and I have decided to look over your site. You are doing a really good job. Please tell your mom thanks for the lovely Christmas Card and hope her and your Dad are fine.
    Cousin Tom
    PS It is going down close to 10 degrees tonight and it is snowing out right now 🙂


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