Day 10.365 – FROST

10 Jan

Day 10

I can’t seem to get warm!!! I know I’ve been saying this for a while now…. but it’s COLD. I was out walking the dog this morning and noticed a rather large patch of our grass was covered in frost. At the time… I didn’t really think much of it… but as the day went on, the frost was still there.

So after walking the dog at 1pm, I decided I would make this my 365 today. And it would save me from having to go out tonight when it’s going to be even colder. The only problem is that the frost was in the area of our backyard where the dog usually likes to do his business. So I grabbed some cardboard to set up my little makeshift tripod on and took a few shots.

A little info extra info that I forgot to mention in my strobist info video – I used a 3/4 cto gel on the flash. I used the flash in the first place was because I was shooting the frost that was in the shade…. so I needed a little light assistance there.

Camera info: 1/200 second, f/7.1, @70mm, iso 100.


you’ll note in the video that I mentioned different settings. Well, that’s because I’m a dork. I was reading off the settings on the camera for a different shot. One that I took while hand holding the camera and shooting down at the frozen patch of grass next to my foot. I decided not to use that shot and went with this one instead. Sorry. lol.

But the flash stuff is accurate for this shot. And that’s the important part, right? lol.

Here’s the “strobist info” video…. enjoy!



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