Day 11 & 12.365

12 Jan

I slacked off yesterday from the photo project… but I made up for it today. =)

…shake it! shake it! shake it baby, now!!!

Day 11

It’s finally warming up a bit! Awesome!!!

Since it’s only mildly cool outside, I thought I would go out in the front yard and do my make up shot for yesterday. Chris went after work to look at two more houses – which now we are going to try for! yay! We had all but given up on finding a suitable house in Lakeland to RENT, so we had resigned to moving into an apartment again. SIGH!

But thankfully, Chris found two more houses to look at and they were both nice… so we’re going with the cheaper one in an effort to save a little in the next year and actually buy a house in Lakeland. Also, we want to get the girls into some type of day care or preschool and I want to get a studio space after we do that… so the drop in rent will help with that immensely! =) Yay!

So with all that, I thought I would go shake around outside to celebrate. All the neighbor kids were out playing and looking at me funny in the drive way with my camera on a tripod and me jumping around all crazy. LOL.

Kids! they’re so serious! =) HA!

Day 12

Two photos today!

Not only am I in an infinitely better mood… but it’s WARM outside!

Well… it’s warmER outside!

Yesterday I was tired from starting to get things packed for our move…. and also getting stuff set aside for our garage sale this weekend too…. so I was lazy and didn’t do my 365 photo.

I mentioned that I’m happier…. why?

Well…. it looks like we DON’T have to move into an apartment after all! WOOt!

It was going to be a second story apartment too…. which we’ve done before. BUT, living above anyone with two kids just didn’t seem like a good thing to me. Plus, Chris tends to walk pretty heavy-footed too… so I just know we’d drive the people below us crazy! (Just ask our old neighbors, they’ll tell you! – Right James and Yani?!) LOL.

Of course that’s not the worst part of the apartment idea though. The loss in square footage was gonna be huge! We’re in a 2,800 sq.ft. home right now…. and this was going to be a 1,200 sq.ft. apartment. I have no idea what we were going to do with all our stuff!!! Get a garage and use it as storage, I guess…..

But NOW!!!! We don’t have to do that! I’m just so happy about that! We’ll be like 10 minutes from Downtown Lakeland too! Which is really great for Chris! Poor guy’s been commuting nearly 2 hours to and from work (4 hours total) each day for months now. It’s gonna be so great for him to not have to drive like that anymore! And that means lower gas bills too!!! Which are pretty heafty on an F-150!


Camera info: 1/250 second, f/13, 52mm, ISO 100 – on tripod and shutter triggered with remote.

Strobist info: SB800 flash @24mm & 1/8 power – on manfroto nano stand about 5&1/2 feet high on camera left with a 3/4 CTO gel pointed down at me. (I’m still on our driveway here which is elevated – so I’m lower on the driveway). Flash is set up about 2 feet away from the camera to the left and about 4 feet or so away from me. Triggered with Pocket Wizard II’s.




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