Day 14.365 – water droplets

14 Jan

Day 14

Today I thought I would try again to take some water droplet photos. I’ve seen these types of photos all around the web and I have tried them before…. but not had a lot of success with them before. So I thought I would try something different this time. First, I’ve seen several pretty cool photos done with milk – so I would try that. Second I would use my nifty-fifty (50mm f/1.8 lens) with an extension tube (12mm ring) to be able to bring the focus in a bit. And lastly, I would try moving the flash with the snoot around the area I’m dripping my food coloring/milk/water mixture and see what I could get.

I’m pretty pleased with the results! Though I can understand why most people make some type of rig to hold their dropper for consistency sake. But doing it hand holding my dropper wasn’t impossible. I think I might try again sometime when I feel up to making a rig. But all in all – I got some pretty cool shots.

Camera Info: 1/250 second, f/3.2, ISO 100 – shot with my 50mm f/1.8 lens with a 12mm extension tube on it – set up on my tripod inches from the saucer of milk.

Flash: SB800 with my diy grid snoot, to left of camera – behind the saucer – on the counter pretty even with the drops – about 1.5 ft away. Fired at 1/32 power, 28mm. Triggered with Pocket Wizard II’s.

And here’s the video with the set up for all this craziness:

On an unrelated note…. the interview with is up! Along with a photo I’ve not posted anywhere – it’s just for them to post… so go check it out HERE!!!


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