Fix-it-Friday #90

11 Mar

It’s the end of the week… and that means it’s time for another

I heart Faces logo

This week over on the iheartfaces forums they posted this week’s fix-it-friday weekly challenge.

Original SOOC image from

This week I wanted to show the difference a texture can make in the editing process. Mostly because I have been working on a few of my own that I hope to have up on my etsy shop soon… but also just to show you what a difference one little tweak can make when editing a photo.

First let’s do a little easy editing on this photo.

1. Open in photoshop CS5 (that’s just the program I’m using, though this would work in some of the older versions of photoshop).
2. command + J (duplicates background layer)
3. patch tool the bags under subject’s eyes. then layer opacity down to 75%.
4. command + E (flattens image)
5. History pallet – snapshot.
6. MCP action: Eye Doctor – soft brush on all layer masks to taste
7. MCP [FREE ACTION] Mini-Fusion: increased opacity on lighten mask layer to 12%. In the ‘tone’ folder: pink cadillac layer to 25% and on cloud nine layer to 43%. In the ‘Mini Fusion’ folder: tweaked the Hazy layer to 30% and the Clarify layer to 70%.
8. Flatten the layers and save.

Here’s what you have after that short process:

after MCP mini-fusion free action

I wanted to see what adding a texture would do to this particular photo, so I used the Totally Rad Actions – Dirty Pictures plug-in (’cause it’s quick and easy), ‘Roxy Glitterhips’. Then on the blurred/mask layer I used a soft brush to taste over subject’s skin.

TRA Dirty Pictures texture added

Pretty neat, huh? It’s pretty easy to add too. If you’ve not ventured over to Totally Rad Actions or MCP actions, I recommend you pop on over and take a peek at what you’re missing! Fan them on facebook too – it’s a great way to get in on any and all free goodies they happen to be giving away. =)

Hope you enjoyed the quickie edit this time! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think! And remember to stay tuned to SqueekPhoto Facebook Fan Page for the new textures and digital paper packages that will be up on etsy soon – as well as my freebees! ❤


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