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Splendid Play!

I know I’ve been a bit absent recently on the blog. I’ve been super busy though! I recently created and launched a new business with a friend, Anna from 64 Color Box.

Basically, the new site is the result of a little trade that Anna and I started doing. She wanted to learn how to take better photos, and I wanted to learn how to sew. One day while meeting up at my place I ran across a neat little photo-prop, Crowns, and wanted to know if it was something we could make for my kids. Just for fun. Thing is, they’re a HUGE hit with everyone who sees them. So we started our own shop and started making them to sell along with a few other products. We officially launched the site a couple days ago and are currently building up our inventory. So far we have crowns and tutus up on the shop. But we have accessories for the crowns which double as hair clips and ‘wishing wands’ too which will be posted soon! Next up will be capes I think.

All the items in the shop will have stuff to do with fueling your child’s imagination, but that’s not the only thing they can be used for. They also make outstanding photo props! So please take a second to pop over to the Facebook Fan Page and show us some love! We are working on a giveaway to kick things off in the store as well. More to come on that soon, I promise! =)

Enjoy shopping the new store! And thanks for stopping by my blog! =)


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Free Stuff for you update! =)

It’s been, what? two weeks since my last post? I’ve been a bit busy lately – and haven’t gotten to any fix-it-friday’s or anything going on over at i heart faces. I did however want to share with those of you who do not follow me on facebook something cool for all of you. Something FREE for you.

I know! You’ve been missing out if you’ve not ‘like’d my page – lol. Pop on over now, HERE to pick up the free digital goodie. The one up there now I just posted earlier this week….. but it seems about every two weeks or so I’m replacing that goodie with something new. If there’s something you’d really really like to see, drop me a comment here or there to let me know and I’ll see what I can do about your request. =)

Additionally, I started my own etsy shop where you can find some more cool photo-related stuff. Though I’m sure that’s not the only things you can create with these items. I’m working on some more paper packs, brushes and doodle packs to go up on the etsy shop soon. So stay tuned for updates about new items posted via my fan page.

I love seeing what you all create with any of my products, so please drop me an image or a link to whatever you create so I can share in your coolness, too! Thanks everyone! And enjoy the FREE STUFF! =)


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Fix-it-Friday #90

It’s the end of the week… and that means it’s time for another

I heart Faces logo

This week over on the iheartfaces forums they posted this week’s fix-it-friday weekly challenge.

Original SOOC image from

This week I wanted to show the difference a texture can make in the editing process. Mostly because I have been working on a few of my own that I hope to have up on my etsy shop soon… but also just to show you what a difference one little tweak can make when editing a photo.

First let’s do a little easy editing on this photo.

1. Open in photoshop CS5 (that’s just the program I’m using, though this would work in some of the older versions of photoshop).
2. command + J (duplicates background layer)
3. patch tool the bags under subject’s eyes. then layer opacity down to 75%.
4. command + E (flattens image)
5. History pallet – snapshot.
6. MCP action: Eye Doctor – soft brush on all layer masks to taste
7. MCP [FREE ACTION] Mini-Fusion: increased opacity on lighten mask layer to 12%. In the ‘tone’ folder: pink cadillac layer to 25% and on cloud nine layer to 43%. In the ‘Mini Fusion’ folder: tweaked the Hazy layer to 30% and the Clarify layer to 70%.
8. Flatten the layers and save.

Here’s what you have after that short process:

after MCP mini-fusion free action

I wanted to see what adding a texture would do to this particular photo, so I used the Totally Rad Actions – Dirty Pictures plug-in (’cause it’s quick and easy), ‘Roxy Glitterhips’. Then on the blurred/mask layer I used a soft brush to taste over subject’s skin.

TRA Dirty Pictures texture added

Pretty neat, huh? It’s pretty easy to add too. If you’ve not ventured over to Totally Rad Actions or MCP actions, I recommend you pop on over and take a peek at what you’re missing! Fan them on facebook too – it’s a great way to get in on any and all free goodies they happen to be giving away. =)

Hope you enjoyed the quickie edit this time! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think! And remember to stay tuned to SqueekPhoto Facebook Fan Page for the new textures and digital paper packages that will be up on etsy soon – as well as my freebees! ❤


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Fix-it-Friday time

It’s the end of the week… and that means it’s time for another

I heart Faces logo


Today’s photo was a pretty easy edit… especially compared to some of the ones I’ve participated in recently. The biggest thing was getting the image sharp because as you will see at the end of this post, it was quite out of focus. But the lighting is pretty good… so too is the overall photo. So if I had this image in my cue after a photoshoot, I’d probably spend the time to fix it up.

That said, this is what I did to this week’s photo:

1. Open in Photoshop CS5 (this is typically my go-to program for editing… I’m most comfortable editing in here).
2. Ran Totally Rad Actions – ‘Beer Goggles’: mask with gradient tool and the brush tool to make the background slightly blurry while keeping the subject sharp. This action actually sharpens the non-blurry selection at the same time just a bit which is nice. The blur is minimal though so it looks realistic.
*Here’s a screen cap of that step*

Beer Goggles Screen Cap

3. Flatten and Snapshot in the History Pallet. (I do this so I can toggle back and forth quickly after each step – especially if I didn’t like a particular effect). Here’s where that’s located for those that are wondering – “History, what!?” =) On the bottom of that menu there’s a little camera. Clicking that takes a snapshot.

4. Ran MCP Action ‘MCP Details (Mixing Bowl)’: the action will automatically pause with a pop-up menu allowing you to tweak the layers to get whatever color mixes you would like to the image. Here’s what that steps settings were for my edit:
•Bright & Fade: 55% opacity (default)
•Blue Spice: 15%
•Mint: 9%
•Nutmeg: 21%
•Cinnamon: 0%
Continue playing the action. When it stops use the brush tool to paint the mask white where you don’t want much detail. For me, this was the background. I used a low opacity soft brush and did this mask to taste. The further away the background was, the more blur it should logically have. The closer to the camera’s area of focus (the boy in this photo), the less blur you would want. You could probably do a similar mask to the one I used above on the ‘Beer Goggles’ action…. I just wanted a little more control so I used the brush.
*I also adjusted the ‘Adjust Opacity’ layer to 18%*

5. Flatten and History Snapshot

6. MCP Quickie Collection – ‘Quickie Urban Ocean’: Quickie Urban Ocean layerl opacity to 15%, Contrast Flare layer to 33% and Over Exposure Fixer layer to 21%.

Let’s stop here for a second and take a look back at the difference between the starting image and this point:

7. The last thing I did was to crop the image. So the end result is this: (I recommend clicking the image to see it larger)


Hope you enjoyed this week’s Fix-it-Friday! Please leave me a comment below to let me know what you thought of it! Thanks so much!




My hubby just peeked at the blog here and says in his opinion, the one differently colored chair is distracting? How many of you find it so as well? Would you like to see an edit where the color of that chair is changed? Leave a comment below with your opinion! Thanks! ❤

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PhotoChallenge – cellphone pic

click on the badge above to check out the iheartfaces website!


This week the photo challenge is to enter a photo taken on your phone. Of course the idea is that said photo must contain a face… but that’s about the only real rule far as I could tell. I had every intention of actually posting a neat blog along with this photo… all about my personal favorite apps on iphone for photo taking and editing. I’ve got most of it written out already on my scratch pad here on my desk. So it’ll go up asap, that I promise you all. But this week has been a hard one for me and my family. So I’m a bit scattered at the moment trying to keep some semblance of sanity while I wait for some inevitable and bad news.


The short story here is that my grandmother (my dad’s mom) who has been sick for a little while now, was moved to a hospice center and as of Friday has stopped eating or drinking anything. She’s been combative with the nursing staff, so she is sedated. Since it is inevitable that she will pass away, every day I wait nervously for the bad news of her passing. To all my friends and fans who follow my other sites, I thank you for your kind words. Bless each and every one of you for that. I can’t describe how I feel at this moment – waiting – waiting – waiting…….


Anywho. I didn’t want to let another week go by of me not participating in the iheartfaces challenge. I missed last week. =( SO! Here’s my entry this week. My eldest daughter all snuggled up to my brother in the back seat of our car on our last road trip together – both playing their video games. They are adorable! And in my time of needing some cuteness to look at, I have pulled this image up on my phone several times this last week – oddly enough. So I thought it fitting to enter in this week’s contest. Enjoy! And Stay tuned in the next week or so for that iphone ph0to-apps post. I’ve got some great apps picked out and I think you might be missing out if you’ve not been using these!







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FiF #86 – edit by

It’s the end of the week… and that means it’s time for another

I heart Faces logo


I’ve got a few screen caps this week to hopefully help you see better what I did to this photo. Not as much needed really for this photo – especially compared to last week!

So you start out with the original photo – Again, starting by opening up in Photoshop (cs5).

Click image for LARGER version

Now comes the fun part, the editing:
1. Ran MCP Action from the ‘Quickie Collection’ – Exposure Fixer, layer opacity at 30% AND Fill Flash, layer opacity at 35%.
2. Flatten and Snapshot in the History Pallet. (I do this so I can toggle back and forth quickly after each step – especially if I didn’t like a particular effect). Here’s where that’s located for those that are wondering – “History, what!?” =) On the bottom of that menu there’s a little camera. Clicking that takes a snapshot.

3. Ran Florabella Action from the ‘Spring Set 1’ – Blossom. Opened it up and set opacity to 28% on Darken layer and 50% on Blossom layer.

4. Flatten and Snapshot from History Pallet.
5. Duplicate background layer, Command + J. Use the patch tool on this layer to remove the dust spots. I circled those in red in the screen capture so you could easily see what I was talking about. *note to the original photographer – you need to clean your sensor! lol!*

Here’s the after on the patching of the area under the eyes:

6. Flatten and Snapshot.
7. Command + J again, and this time patch the area under the eyes you saw circled on that red circle screen cap. Then layer opacity at 80%.
8. Ran MCP Action from the ‘All in the Details Set’ – Quiet the Noise. Masked in background w/100% opacity large brush for main part of background. Then went back closer to subject to refine the edge with 30% opacity smaller brush. Made sure to reverse that and unmask the subject fully. I didn’t want the effect on her. EXCEPT on her black sleeve. It was kinda noisy too… so I hit it a tiny bit with the 30% opacity brush. Below are two screen caps – to better see what effect this action had on the photo. Top is without the action, Bottom is with the action.

9. Flatten/Snapshot.
10. Ran MCP Action from the ‘All in the Details Set’ – Hi-Definition Sharpening. Layer at 60% opacity.
11. Ran MCP Action – Eye Doctor, to taste on eyes.
12. Flatten/Snapshot.
13. Ran MCP Action from the ‘Magic Skin Set’ – Powder your nose. To taste on face and hand. Overall layer opacity @ 59%.
14. Cropped and found that I would like it a little more squared off… so I added a little to the background. How I did this? Crop for the size/shape you want. Select area that’s new with the rectangular selection tool and hit delete. Make sure Content Aware is selected. It sucked for this particular photo. LOL. SO! Since my normal method didn’t work, I used the rectangular selection tool to grab a part of the background and then transformed (command + t) to fit the new crop. It looked a little wonky, so I grabbed the patch tool and cleaned it up to make it look right. It’s not perfect… but it’s better than what happened with content aware! lol!

15. The VERY last thing I did was to throw a texture from Sassy on there… I went back over her skin with a 20% opacity brush to mask out that texture over her skin… but not too much. I liked the effect the color of the texture had on the photo. I did also tweak the color of the overlaid texture to better compliment the photo. Here’s a screen cap of what that looked like:

DONE! =) As usual, I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this blog post and the results of my editing! Please leave me a comment below! THANKS SO MUCH!



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Photo Challenge – Hearts (my entry)

click on the badge above to check out the iheartfaces website!


I was at a loss for what I wanted to enter for this week’s challenge on iheartfaces. After foolin’ around with the kids for a bit I decided to call it quits. I figured I had enough photos to sift through, so I got to it.


This little gem loaded. Didn’t take much to edit this one really. I added some of my photo-flare/vector art… and the photo itself was a Florabella Action, Blossom and a little MCP sharp-as-a-tack action. Pretty easy edit because it was pretty close to perfect in camera. =) For the record… this thing with her hands is a new trick for her. She came home from school a couple weeks back and showed me that she could do this shape with her hands. I just love watching her grow up and learn new things. It’s pretty awesome! =D


Without further ado – here’s my entry for this week. Feel free to leave a comment below to let me know what you think of my entry this week! I love to hear what you think! THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! =D (click the photo below to see it larger)




click to see larger

All you need


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