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Remember a few months back when I mentioned a “super secret” photo shoot?!?

Well, the time has come to share what that was all about. Hillywood was in town and going to be shooting a scene here in FL. They contacted me and asked if I minded taking some behind the scenes photos for them. I was excited to try something new and of course agreed. I packed up my gear and an assistant to help should I need anything and drove 2.5 hours to meet up with them… leaving the house at 4am! So it was an early morning. =)

We met up at Weeki Wachee Springs and got a tour before getting down to business. The cast of Hillywood did several takes for their “New Moon Parody” while I shot from the underwater viewing area and in the water as well. Brrr! We wrapped around noon and headed home… promising not to post any thing at all about all this until after the parody was finished and posted.

That day has come. I woke up this morning and was checking the internet for what’s goin’ on and drinking my coffee when I see this status update from one of their fans about the video being up. I watched it and I am amazed at how great it is. I don’t know why I’m amazed… because they always do a fantastic job…. but I was. I love the song choices too! ( I love me some Pink )

Anywho… back to the point of this blog post. Here’s some of the images from the shoot and their new video below:

**(As with all photos, please no posting these images without written permission from SqueekPhoto! Thanks)**

Two more for fun images…. kinda artsy stuff:

Well… that’s all I think I’ll be posting from this for now. I hope you enjoyed the photos! I would like to thank Hillywood for inviting me out to shoot for them! You guys are so great! Thanks!!!



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Resident Evil Photoshoot

This has been a few months in the planning and finally is completed. I know I’ve been on and on about this shoot both here and on my social networking sites…. and it’s finally completed. First of all, I would like to thank Miko for her time and effort with this shoot! She was an amazing Ada Wong! Also, I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to every one of my “zombies” [and my husband too] for donating your time as models and gear carriers. Last but not least I want to thank our fantasticly-talented make up and special effects artist, Jamie, for not only donating her time but also her supplies and talent. Without her, there would have been no zombies!

This shoot was based off of the games ‘Resident Evil 2‘ as well as ‘The Umbrella Chronicles‘. The basic story here is that Raccoon City residents have become infected by the T and G viruses; products of the umbrella corporation’s recent experiments. The character Ada Wong, played by Miko, is [presumably] fatally injured in ‘Resident Evil 2’, however she reappears in later games and the tale of her survival is revealed in ‘The Umbrella Chronicles’. If you would like to read more on this story I recommend checking out Wikipedia – as you might expect, they have a TON of information which might help you to better understand where I pulled from to make our story line.

I spent a few weeks doing research on this so that I could put together a good story for our shoot – something to tie all the images together. After Zack’s critique of my site and work I wanted to make sure that everything made sense and told some type of story. Please keep in mind that the ‘Resident Evil’ series is rather lengthy and involves many characters – so this is a small part of the overall story, with no true ending. So, with that in mind, let’s get to the images! =)

Well… I’d love love love to hear your thoughts on this shoot. Please feel free to leave comments here! =) If you were a part of the shoot and would like your copies of all the images… be on the lookout for a email or message from me today.

Here’s a couple bonus images I wanted to share as well that I hadn’t posted anywhere yet: EDIT: due to these images not loading properly… I have added them to the gallery above. They are now the first two images in the gallery. Silly hiccuping blog!

My next project shoot will be continuing on with the Alice in Wonderland story which I started this past summer (images on my website). More info on that in future posts! So remember to stay tuned!  ALSO, if you would like professional prints from this shoot, (or any of the previous ones for that matter), please email me at . I’m going to be putting an order together to send to the printer after Christmas – so if you’re interested let me know ASAP. I am offering sizes ranging from 8″x10″ up to 20″x24″ sizes! Contact me for pricing! =)

Before I go…. I also wanted to share some of the sketches that I had done ahead of time while figuring out exactly what I wanted to shoot. Now keep in mind that though I *can* [sometimes] draw…. BUT that was not the objective when I sketched these out in my little book. I simply wanted to have a reference to go back to while we were actually doing the shoot. Some of these sketches were tweaked and some dropped or replaced all together. So pardon my stick figures and silly descriptions! …And don’t laugh too loudly!!! =) [no particular order here]


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ZOMBIES!!! (this time of year?)

Oh, yes! I know I’ve been mentioning this past weekends shoot for quite some time now (in an effort to recruit plenty of zombies). And I wanted to make sure I got something up here for those of you who are wanting to see some of the images. Well… I have to work on them a little… BUT, I do have 3 up on flickr right this second which you are welcome to go and look at. And as soon as I’m done, I will post a nice long blog with all kinds of images for you to look at. Promise. =)

**EDIT- more photos posted to flickr HERE **

In the meantime, here’s one that I havn’t posted anywhere yet – ENJOY! –




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