Fix-it-Friday #85

It’s the end of the week… and that means it’s time for another

I heart Faces logo

Today’s original image was a real fixer-upper!

Original Photo - resized for web

The easiest way to fix this image – assuming you really really want to save it – is to do a black and white conversion. For people, I tend to prefer the red-filter black and white conversion. Here is the result of that particular method.

red filter black and white

Red Filter Black and White

I think that turning this image black and white is like taking the easy way out though. If you’ve got the time, you can always try to salvage the image in color. That’s what I did today. Here’s the breakdown on exactly what I did to this image in an attempt to save it in color.

1. Open File in photoshop CS5.
2. go to IMAGE/ADJUSTMENTS/COLOR BALANCE: highlights @ +3,+3,+3 midtones @ -23,+8,0 shadows @ -4,-7,-8
*For the step above I was concentrating on the backgrounds colors – not the subject yet.
3. Command + J – duplicates layer.
4. IMAGE/ADJUSTMENTS/HUE&SATURATION: Hue@+4, Saturation @-14, Lightness@+8 and click ‘ok’.
5. Flatten Layers and then take a snapshot in the ‘History’ pallet.
6. Florabella Luxe Action Set – Sharpen/Defog.
7. Flatten Layers and then take a snapshot in the ‘History’ pallet.
8. Totally Rad Action Set – Cool as a Cucumber.
9. Flatten Layers and then take a snapshot in the ‘History’ pallet.
10. Wonderland Action Set – Reduce Skin Reds.
11. Apply a layer mask to that layer, & Command + i – inverts the mask (making it black)
12. Paint with a soft white brush on the mask the skin of subject. I used a smallish brush at 100% opacity. (I like to make sure the skin is covered evenly with this mask. That’s why it’s at full opacity. THEN~
13. Adjust overall layer opacity to 50%.
14. Flatten Layers and then take a snapshot in the ‘History’ pallet.
15. MCP Action Set – Eye Doctor – to taste on all layers in action.


16. Flatten Layers and then take a snapshot in the ‘History’ pallet.
17. Paint the Moon Free Action – Sugar Cookies.
18. Flatten Layers and then take a snapshot in the ‘History’ pallet.
19. Totally Rad Action – Derelicte @ 46% opacity.
20. FILTER/Totally Rad Actions Dirty Pictures (this is a plug-in) – used Roxy Giltterhips texture at 78%. Brushed over the face with 30% opacity brush on the auto generated mask layer of texture.
21. Flatten Layers and then take a snapshot in the ‘History’ pallet.
22. Totally Rad Action – Bitchin’ Black and White – Group opacity @ 23%.
23. Flatten Layers and then take a snapshot in the ‘History’ pallet.
24. Crop.
25. Totally Rad Action – Beer Goggles: Using the radial gradient tool on the mask layer, masked in the head. Whole group opacity @55%.
26. Flatten Layers and then take a snapshot in the ‘History’ pallet.
27. Totally Rad Action – Slice it like a Ninja @ 100%.
28. Flatten Layers and then take a snapshot in the ‘History’ pallet.
29. Florabella Action – Sun and Lensflare (left): Turned the ‘sun’ layer off, and ‘gradient tone’ layer down to 7% opacity.
30. Flatten Layers and then take a snapshot in the ‘History’ pallet.
31. Wonderland Action Set – Retro – 70’s Beat: Group @ 65% opacity.

-DONE- YAY!!! =D
Here’s the finished product:

fix it friday edit by

I know this was another long one… but there was really no short way in my mind to do this and keep it in color. Feel free to leave me a comment telling me what you think of this image edit/breakdown. I’d love to see what you do with it too! (drop me a link in the comments if you like).

Have a great weekend!!! =D



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80° and Sunny!

Not that I’m gloating or anything – for all you who are being hammered by snow storm after snow storm right now. I really feel for you all! I *wish* it would cool back down or even snow here! (Central Florida).


So, this week – yesterday actually – we headed up to one of the many local parks in our area to let the kids run off some energy and enjoy the sunny day. We spent a few hours playing – me taking photos with a friend… trying to help her out with her camera questions along the way. She’s got a knack for it…. she’s just gotta get out there and shoot! =) Here’s an image that she took yesterday (edited by me):


the sit and scare

I really love how this image came out. It wasn’t her favorite, but it certainly was mine! The thing Parvati (my youngest daughter) is on is some crazy spinning thing. I suppose you sit in it and then spin around – or have someone else spin you around! Both kids would climb in and start to spin around and freak out. I’d help them out and they’d run off – only to return to this crazy contraption a few minutes later to do it all over again. I guess that means it’s not too scary, huh? lol.


I snapped a few shots too while chasing the kids around. Enjoy! =D

That’s it for today! Most of these were edited with some lightroom presets and then thrown over to photoshop cs5 for watermarking…. a few had a little extra done… all were shot in natural light. Enjoy the photos and I’ll post another photo-edit-breakdown soon! ❤ =)




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People’s Choice Photo Challenge – Best Face Photo (January)

I popped over to iheartfaces today…. and saw they were running a weekly photo challenge today.

I thought, “Yay! More fun!” =) So here’s my entry in their contest. I *think* this is the best entry I could put out there…. though I’d love to hear what you think of it compared to some of my other work which you can see on my website.

Squeek Photography

click on the badge above to check out the iheartfaces website!

Here’s my entry for this week’s contest: Best Face Photo in January.

Strobist Setup:

1AB800 at 1/16 power behind subject with 20° grid. Had to hide the bee below the shoulders of the subject and point it upward slightly. about 3-4 feet from charcoal-colored seamelss. (slaved)

1SB800 with DIY ring light around camera at 1/8 power in front of subject – even in height to subject’s upper head. about 2-3 feet away from subject. (triggered with PWplusII)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this photo! Please leave them in the comments section below! Thanks for your time!




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iheartfaces Fix-it-Friday – Squeek Photo image edit process

I heart Faces logoI’ve not participated in ihearfaces Fix-it-Friday before. I’ve only recently started following them on facebook… but when I saw this – it looked like it might be fun to try my hand at editing someone elses image.

So here’s the original photo (or SOOC, straight out of camera):

from iheartfaces”]I did quite a lot to this photo. I tried to be as detailed as possible in my process… and I hope you can follow along as I copy my notes here:


1. Open in Adobe Camera Raw and adjust some settings on the base image.

*exposure -.10   *recovery +30   *fill light +26   *blacks +5   *contrast +34   *clarity +17   *vibrance +19

2. Apply settings and opened in Photoshop CS5.

3. Patch tool on spittle on chin.

4. Command + J to duplicate background

5. Patch tool on bags under eyes then layer opacity to 74%.

6. Flatten and snapshot (History).

7. Square select tool – select the light. Hit delete key. Choose Content-Aware and hit ‘ok’.

8. Command + D to deselect. Then patch tool again to touch up the content-aware deleted area a bit.

9. Sent to Imaginomic Portraiture (photoshop plug-in) for skin.

*smoothing: normal.   *selected mainly the darker/shadowed portion of skin on face (across the cheek and nose) with eyedropper+ tool.   *luminance +74.

10. Back to photoshop CS5. Flatten layers and snapshot.

11. Ran MCP Action, Flashlight (‘All in the Details’ set) – to lighten shadows a bit. Command + i to invert the mask.

12. Paint brush tool at 30% opacity – started going over shadows to light a bit on face/hat/shirt and hands. Layer Opacity at 100%.

13. Ran MCP Action, Eye Doctor. Used paint brush tool at 30% opacity on each layer mask in the action – to taste.

14. Flatten layers and snapshot.

15. Image/Adjustments/Color Balance

*midtones: -1, +2, -11    *hightlights: 0,0,-4    *shadows: -16,0,-3     *hit ‘ok’.

16. Ran MCP Action, Magical Color-Finder Brush [intense] (MCP’s Bag of Tricks). Brush at 100% – masked hat/shirt/sleves/seat and legs *NO SKIN*. Then set the layer opacity to 27%.

17. Flatten and snapshot.

18. Totally Rad Action, Select-o-Pop. Masked eyes with 100% opacity brush and set the layer opacity down to 58%.

19. Flatten and snapshot.

20. Ran Florabella Action, Sharpen/Defog (Florabella Spring Set 1). and Flattened/snapshot.

21. Ran Florabella Action, Wildflower (Florabella Spring Set 1). Layer opacity at 60%. and Flattened/shapshot.

22. Command + J to duplicate the background layer.

23. Command + Shift + U to desaturate layer.

24. Command + L to bring up the layers tweak pallet. # Values [left to right] 57/1.06/249   *hit ‘ok’*.

25. Set the layer blend mode to Overlay.

26. Filter/other/hi-pass – Radius 5.5 pixels. *hit ‘ok’*.

27. Burn tool on grey layer – small sized brush, midtones @ 7%. Used the burn tool on shadows around nose, mouth, eyes, fingers and toes to help bring those back just a little bit.

28. Flatten and Saved. Edit

Edit by Squeek Photography

Click on the images to see them larger!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I hope it was informative enough for ya too. It took me WAY longer to write this up than it did to actually edit the photo. lol! I think total edit time was maybe 10 minutes, tops.

If you’ve never tried one of these before… go pop over to and give it a try! And feel free to share any links you like here on my blog too! I’d love to see what you create! =)  Maybe I’ll post an image to see what others can create with my work! Whatdaya think?! Should I? =)



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I’ve been working on a few things for all you photogs and artistic-types out there. This started as just the want to share something cool of my own making with my loyal fans… but as I worked, trying to figure out exactly what I was going to give, I discovered there’s more that I wanted to do here. I’ve developed a few holiday drawings which you can drop into any projects that you like. I like them for holiday photo cards for instance. =) I’m working on a few other things… like texture sets… but they aren’t ready yet. =)

So, I’m still working.


I have some things ready to go and I don’t want to sit on them, when you could be using them already! Below are 8 drawings which I spent the Thanksgiving holiday weekend on. If you click HERE you’ll be taken to flickr where you can download the large sized reindeer image for free. If you would like the other images, I’m selling the whole pack of 8 for just $5. Yep. Just $5.

If you would like to purchase the bundle – Please provide a confirmation of payment to Squeek Photography’s PAY-PAL account and EMAIL: with your order. I’ll send you an email with hi-res versions of the drawings in return. =)

drawings by Squeek Photography

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoy the drawing! And stay tuned for more soon. =)



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I’ve been bad about this blogging thing. I dump my photos up on flickr and then usually tell everyone on twitter and facebook and then run. It’s bad. I know.



I think I’m gonna try dedicating some time to tumblr for a while. I’m not quitting this blog… so don’t worry. I think I’ll reserve this blog for the educational or freebee stuff and use tumblr for displaying my work (not stopping flickr though). We’ll see how it goes. =) Check it out at: What’s the Squeek?!


I haven’t decided what I should do for another educational post. BUT. I am starting work this coming week on a couple things related to that. Follow me on twitter or facebook for an update on when all that goes live. =) It’s the holiday season and I’m feelin’ generous. =) Be prepared for a freebee or two. =)


That’s it for now.



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Wow. It’s been a while…

It just occurred to me that it’s been a while since I last posted anything on my blog here. I’ll be putting together another tutorial soon since the response to the last one was so great. I’m no expert… but perhaps the things I’ve picked up so far could be helpful to some of you out there in the internet world. =)

To catch y’all up on what I’ve been up to –

1. I’ve recently revamped my website. It looks pretty different now. So go empty your caches and then hit: Squeek Photography.

2. I made it pretty far in my 365 project but ultimately just couldn’t find the time each day to dedicate to a proper and interesting photo. So I’ve stopped for now posting daily. Though I was thinking of a weekly post project instead called a 52 week project. =) I think I will start that soon. Though I would like to enlist models to help out with this project. Any takers on modeling for me? Locals to Central Florida please. =)

3. I am going to be doing an all day shoot-a-thon in studio soon. What is that you ask? Well… basically I will have 10 open slots that day that people may sign up for. In order to secure your time slot I require a $25 non-refundable fee. I post the final images [watermark protected] up on the web for you [the client] to look over and then you [the client] tell me which images you would like to order. Print and digital image pricing are available on my website. You can design your own package so you get exactly what you want. If you’re interested in this great offer, please contact me via my website or you can visit our Facebook Fan Page: Squeek Photography

That’s it for now… but stay tuned for the new tutorial!


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